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The right to save seeds
fighting to end corporate greed,
fighting for food justice, and fighting
for a healthy,sustainable planet

Journalist Claire Hope Cummings was an environmental lawyer for twenty years, including four years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She has farmed in California and in Vietnam. Her book, Uncertain Peril, Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds, is - in the words of Michael Pollan - "A must read for anyone concerned about plants and what the privatization and manipulation of seeds may mean for the future of food."

It was a pleasure and privilege to see Cummings and Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser speak in May 2008 at Toby's Feed Barn about Cummings book and Schmeiser's subsequent victory over Monsanto. (Click on Schmeiser's link to hear him tell the story in his own words.)

The Alameda WhipSnake considers both Ms. Cummings and Mr. Schmeiser to be the finest of environmental warriors, fighting for an end to corporate greed and the right for all of us to save seeds.In doing so, they are fighting for our planet's hope of a sustainable and healthy future.








"When the food, farming, and environmental groups find common cause with the economic development and social justice movements, the combination will create an irresistable force for change. "
- from Uncertain Peril, Claire Hope Cummings



Environmental Links

Friends of San Leandro Creek
The mission of FSLC
" to restore and enhance San Leandro Creek, to increase its potential as a visual and recreational amenity, to preserve its cultural and natural history and to make San Leandro Creek an economically attractive resource, and to promote a healthy environment for its native flora and fauna." Find out how you can become involved.

Math/Science Nucleus
Math/Science Nucleus is a non-profit (501(c)3), educational and research organization composed of scientists, educators and community members founded in 1982. It serves as an online science resource center to assist school districts, teachers, and administrators around the world. The major goal is to develop problem solving capacity through science for the world's children.  Available on the website is a free online reference science cuuriculum for elementary school teachers.

Save Mount Diablo
In the words of one of the organization's founders: "My dream is that the whole of Mount Diablo, including its foothills, will remain in open space… that the visual and natural integrity will be sustained."

Tri-City Ecology Center
Founded in 1971, the Tri-City Ecology center (TCEC) is your local leader(Fremont, Newark & Union City) in advocating sound environmental policies that preserve and maintain unique natural resources, clean air, clean water, and a high quality of life.

Water Education Foundation
This informative website provides invaluable resources on water issues, including programs for K-12 education and a map to learn "Where Does My Water Come From?" that provides important information for water consumers throughout the state of California.

Worldwatch Institute
Provides information on agriculture and climate change